User Experience Design

Increase your online Conversion Rate

User Experience Design is used to increase online conversion rates. UX is the process of optimising user satisfaction on your website by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in interaction with your website.

The standard design process is creating a beautiful website – which is entirely based on one’s individual opinion. User Experience however, is based on facts anheatmap_uxd hard data. The process allows us to find out why your visitors don’t convert – take the desired action, buying, contacting etc. – and translate solutions into wireframes and HTML prototypes. After testing the old version agains the new version, the data will show the impact of your conversion rate.

User Behaviour Analysis

First we need to gather insight in your website’s performance and the type of website
visitors. Through researching your site’s analytics data we can determine who your visitors are, where they come from, how they navigate through your website, where they drop off and more. Additionaly, we use software that tracks your visitors through recordings which gives us more in depth knowledge of the user behaviour. Eye software and heat maps shows us what they are looking at – the hot spots – and how they move across pages.

Wireframes –
HTML Prototype

After analysing why your visitors leave your website without converting, the design process begins. We know how their needs and how they behave, now we can translate solutions in a new design. This re-designing allows us to direct the visitors in a way that fit’s their way of navigating and makes them take the desired action.


Usability Testing and Analysis

To really comprehend what factors contribute to your conversions, we need to get in the head of your customers.  We need to know their needs, motivations, what they value and how they want to be incentivised.

UX is about testing and making decisions, based on data instead of opinions. That is where Usability testing comes in – testing the old version of your website agains the new one. We will utilise people, similar to your customers – based on our collected data – and have them performing tasks on your website. By sitting next to them while navigating through your website and asking questions, we will have in depth data on why your visitors are leaving your website, what they miss and more. A/B Testing allows us to measure if the new design increased the conversion rate and what still needs to be optimised.