Search Engine Optimisation

search-seo-processBring more Quality Traffic to your Business

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the method of strategies and techniques to ensure that a website is found in search engines for words and phrases related to what the site is providing. This visibility on the first page of Google brings more high quality traffic to a website.

Keyword Research

To make your website visible to potential customers, we need to know which search terms they use. We perform a detailed analysis to identify the most popular keywords for your site. We create a perfect mix between the keyword entered in the search engine and the keyword in your site content. The crawling of the search engine will focus on the bond between the keyword and your site and will see your website as relevant, which boosts the ranking in the search engine. We also choose the keywords carefully to ensure that these keywords brings the right type of visitor.

linkbuilding-seoLink Building

Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links. They are links to your website from another place on the web. These referral links give the search engine the important indicator that a website is popular, thus important.

Link Building is considered one of the most, if not the most, important ranking factor. Google wants their search results to be relevant en useful, and one of the factors they weigh is how many links – how many people/websites refer to a site- a website receives. This will be a leading indicator for Google to identify the popularity and relevance of a site.

We will put backlinks in place in a natural way, so Google won’t get suspicious. These backlinks will give your website a boost in the search engine ranking and they keep their power, so your results won’t be lost.

Content Creation

You can have an amazing website, but with poorly written content or no SEO in place, you are losing potential customers. A successful online marketing strategy, needs content that is consistent, authoritative, relevant, and customised to the company’s voice. We work closely with you to ensure the content we create has your tone of voice and is consistent with other online material. We will delivery SEO proof content to support relevancy signals for both organic as paid search.

We can create new content or optimise existing content and make it more appealing to your visitors and optimised for search engines, specified to your keywords.